Privacy Notice for Gallery Visitors

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The Courtauld Gallery takes the privacy of all its customers, visitors and users seriously. We take great care with any personal information you share with us 鈥 your personal information听will only be used legally and responsibly.

This privacy notice covers details of what information the Courtauld听Gallery听collects from you (whether online, on site, by phone, by email, or through correspondence with third parties); what we do with it; and with whom it might be shared.

You can also view our broader Privacy Policy that covers non-gallery related activities of 星空传媒.

The data we collect

The Courtauld will听only collect information that is necessary to run the Gallery, fulfil our obligations to you, and keep you informed about the Gallery and its activities.听The personal information we collect may include:

  • your name, title,听gender, and听date of听birth;
  • your email address, phone number, postal address, billing address,听home听address;
  • (in听the case of听members of our Friends听and/or Patrons鈥櫶齧embership schemes) any named听joint members;family and spouse/partner details, relationships to other Courtauld听supporters,听 including听other Patrons and Friends
  • (in听the case of gift membership purchases) the contact details of gift membership听recipients;
  • current interests and听preferences;
  • Contact听preferences听(email, post, etc.)
  • feedback you may have submitted related to Gallery services and听products;
  • ticket purchase and event registration/attendance;
  • product selections and purchases of goods or听services;
  • donations you have made to the Gallery听or in support of Gallery听activities;
  • credit card or other payment information (we only store this for as long as we need to process payment);
  • bank details for setting up a regular direct听debit;
  • Gift Aid declaration听details;
  • details of correspondence sent to you, or received from听you;
  • any other information provided by you to 星空传媒;
  • images captured on film or photography taken in the Gallery; and
  • MAC (Media Access Control) addresses of any device(s) you bring with you to the Gallery,听whether or not听you have connected to the Gallery鈥檚 free public Wi-Fi service. MAC addresses are identifiers which any Wi-Fi enabled device transmits when searching for a Wi-Fi connection.

What we do with your data

The Courtauld听will only process your information if we have a legal basis for doing so under current UK data protection legislation, including:

  • Processing your information because it is necessary for the performance of a contract with you or in order to take steps at your request prior to听entering into听a contract, for example:
    • To process听payments;
    • To fulfil orders for tickets or other events or services; or
    • To provide听members of our Friends鈥 and Patrons鈥 (Samuel Courtauld Society)听membership schemes with the benefits听which you are contractually entitled to听receive.
    • Where processing your information is necessary for our legitimate interests, for example:
      • Where we are required by law to process your information, for example:


      • To make a Gift Aid claim.


      • Where we have your consent to process your information, for example:
      • Where you have agreed to receive email updates in relation to the听Gallery;
      • Where you have asked to receive information about our education events for teachers, our research events, or our national programme events; or
      • Where you have agreed to participate in a Gallery-based research project

      Where you have given consent to the processing of your data you may withdraw it at any time. See below 鈥榃hat rights do you have in relation to your personal information?’

    • To process听donations;
    • Where we combine听information听we hold about you to better understand your interests and preferences so that we can target communications we send to you in line with the information contained in this privacy听policy;
    • Where we conduct analysis and research in relation to our supporters. This could include in-gallery visitor interviews, which are used to improve our听offering..
    • Where we collect MAC addresses for the purposes of monitoring and analysing the usage of, and maintaining, our free public Wi-Fi service,听and also听analysing (in an aggregated and anonymous format) visitor movements around the Gallery to improve our visitor听experience;
    • Where we collect and view images recorded on our CCTV cameras.,The CCTV system installed at The Courtauld is for the primary purpose of ensuring the protection and safety of The Courtauld鈥檚 property, the collection of paintings and artifacts within, workers, students and visitors while consistent with respect for an individual鈥檚 privacy.
    • Where (from time to time) we (or a third party) carry out any filming, including interviews or filming/photographing of talks or events in the Gallery. Where听particular areas听of the Gallery are going to be used for filming or photography, we will always flag this in advance with clear signage or otherwise make you aware of the filming in advance, so that you can avoid being filmed or听photographed.

Sharing your data with third parties

We will not sell your personal information to any third parties or external organisations.

Sharing your information with听the听Samuel Courtauld听Trust鈥疎nterprises Ltd.听

NHS Test and Trace

If contacted by NHS Test and Trace about positive Covid-19 cases in The Courtauld Gallery, we will share the contact details of visitors to the Gallery on the relevant day or at the relevant time, solely for the purposes of NHS Test and Trace alerting them to the fact they may have been exposed to a positive Covid-19 case.

We may also share your data to comply with any applicable Government guidance around monitoring visitor access to Courtauld premises.

We share information with听the听Samuel Courtauld Trust听Enterprises Ltd.,听which runs the shops听and venue hire听in the听Gallery, and听oversees the running of the cafes and restaurants in the Gallery. Complaints and feedback we receive about the shops, restaurants, cafes, and audio guides may be shared with the Company and in the event of a security incident taking place in a shop, cafe, or restaurant, or at a venue hire event which is run by the Company, CCTV footage may be shared with the Company.

The Samuel Courtauld Trust Enterprises Ltd. Is a wholly owned subsidiary of 星空传媒.

You may receive news of promotions and offers from听The Samuel Courtauld Trust, as part of the email news communications from The Courtauld Gallery, should you agree to receive these communications.

Sharing your information with our service providers/external鈥痙ata processors

We may share some of your personal information with our service providers/external data processors, to carry work out on our behalf. Examples of such service providers/data processors听include:

  • Our ticketing service provider, who process ticket bookings, ticket purchases and membership transactions on our behalf, including membership sales, renewals and our member self-service听area;
  • Our mailing house who sends out our Membership welcome and renewal听packs;
  • Our email distribution service provider who sends out our marketing听emails;
  • Our research agency, which conducts research on behalf of The Courtauld Gallery.
  • Our service provider enabling us to evaluate our education听programmes; and
  • Our third-party Wi-Fi infrastructure provider who collects and processes MAC addresses and information regarding usage of our Wi-Fi service on our behalf.
  • Any such companies are acting as our data processors and the contracts we听enter into听with them require them to comply with UK data protection laws, to process only for the purposes we specify, and ensure they have the appropriate controls in place to protect the security of your information.

Keeping your data up to date

To help us听to provide you with the Gallery services described above and to keep in touch,听please let us know about any changes听to听your contact details.

The Courtauld鈥檚 approach to data protection

You can find more information about our approach to data protection in听our Privacy Policy. This includes:

  • Our grounds for processing your personal data
  • Sensitive Data
  • Your data protection rights
  • International Transfers
  • Data Security
  • Data Retention
  • How to contact our DPO
  • How to complain

See also The Courtauld鈥檚

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