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Payment Options

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are confirmed and paid at the enrolment stage, sent out in early September prior to the start of the academic year, via the FlyWire online payment system. If you have a prior arrangement for paying fees 鈥 via the Student Loans Company, an internally awarded scholarship or alumni discount, for example 鈥 this should already be reflected at this stage, and will either show as a reduced amount or a confirmation of fees paid.


Deposit Payments

If you are a postgraduate offer holder 聽and paying your deposit to secure your place, please use the link below:


Paying in instalments

You can pay your tuition fees in total upfront or in two installments by prior arrangement.

To arrange to pay in instalments please fill out this form:

Tuition Fee Special Agreement Application Form

Please send the complete form to by 31st July 2024.


PayPal is not one of the methods we accept for Duchy House fees or Tuition fees; therefore, if you choose to use this method, the fees incurred by The Courtauld, which are not insignificant, will be passed onto the individual to settle with The Courtauld Accounts Receivable department.

Please note cash is not an accepted method of payment.


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Fee deposits - Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the Courtauld charge a deposit?

The deposit allows offer holders to demonstrate their commitment to attending their chosen programme of study at the Courtauld and aids the Courtauld in its resource and student number planning.

Which programmes of study does the deposit apply to?

Tuition fee deposits apply to all Postgraduate Taught/Research programmes. Tuition fee deposits do not apply to our BA History of Art programme.

What will happen to my deposit once paid?

The deposit will be held by the Courtauld and following enrolment will form part of the total tuition fee charged for the programme of study at which point it will become subject to the procedures and policies applicable to tuition fee payments for current students.

How much is the deposit I need to pay?

This will vary according to your fee status. For full-time students this will usually be at a lower level of 拢500 or a higher level of 拢1000.

If your application is successful, the deposit due and payment deadline will be communicated to you in your offer of admission.

When does my deposit need to be paid by?

The deadline for full payment of the deposit will usually be the later of 1 April preceding the start of studies or two weeks from the date of the offer of admission but no later than the day preceding the formal start date specified in the offer of admission.

How do I make payment?

Payment should be made through the Courtauld鈥檚 online payment system, provided by Flywire, by the offer holder or a third party acting on his/her behalf. The payment system can be accessed via the link provided in your offer email.


Do I have to pay the entire amount in one transaction?

Payment must be made in one transaction. Full payment of the specified amount must be received by the Courtauld by the deadline specified in the offer of admission.

What happens if I do not pay in full by the deadline?

Failure to pay your deposit will forfeit your place on the course, which in turn may be offered to another applicant.

I would like to defer my admission. What will happen to the payment I have made?

Should the Courtauld agree to an offer holder deferring entry to the following academic session, any payment made will be held on account and will form part of the tuition fees, once enrolled. The above terms concerning full payment by the stated deadline continue to apply. Deferral of admission is considered on a case by case basis and only permitted for one academic year. As our MA special options change every year, we may not able to consider a deferred place for the MA History of Art programme.

Is the deposit refundable?

Payments made toward a tuition fee deposit are generally not refundable if the offer holder chooses not to enrol or is otherwise unable to enrol for reasons within the offer holder鈥檚 reasonable control. However, payments are refundable on request in the following circumstances:

  • An offer holder fails to meet the conditions related to academic entry requirements set out in the offer letter and is not admitted (this excludes conditions relating to English language proficiency).
  • An offer holder fails to secure the necessary clearance to enter the UK and undertake the programme;
  • The Courtauld is unable to admit an offer holder due to the programme of study or specific mode of attendance previously agreed with the Courtauld ceasing to be available.

The Courtauld has absolute discretion in considering and applying refunds of deposits other than in the circumstances set out above.

How do I request a refund prior to enrolling on my programme of study?

Refund requests should be addressed in writing to Admissions Office and will be acknowledged within 10 working days of receipt. Authority to approve refunds of tuition fee deposits rests with the Academic Registrar & Finance Department.

Authorised refunds will be returned to the same individual and using the same method as for the original payment.

If the deposit is being refunded to a non-Sterling bank account where a currency conversion is necessary, any exchange rate fluctuations shall be at the risk of the offer holder.

The Courtauld shall also be entitled to deduct any bank charges directly connected to the refund of the deposit.

How do I request a refund after enrolling on my programme of study?

Where formal enrolment has been completed, refund requests become subject to the arrangements concerning tuition fee refunds for current students.